Jobbtorg: Innovative Labour Market Integration from Stockholm

Jobbtorg is an initiative of the Stockholm Labour Market Administration introduced In 2008 to activate and bring back into work unemployed people who are dependent on social welfare benefits. Part of Jobbtorg’s mission of working is to test initiatives trying out new ways of working for different projects and single out the best ones to develop regular activities at Jobbtorg. Jobbtorg is conducting different projects with the aim to try out new methods and ways of working, the best of which are then adopted as regular activities at Jobbtorg.


Two of these singled out projects that were implemented on a larger scale as regular Jobbtorg activities are FILUR and Merit:

FILUR is a project aimed at young unemployed people with special difficulties integrating into the labour market. FILUR combines a self-strengthening method with the module “Try out a job”.

The basic idea with Merit was to work as a bridge between young people and the regular activities at Jobbtorg in form of preparatory initiatives and try-it-out activities.

Further information on Jobbtorg, FILUR and Merit can be found in the enclosed brochure “ Jobbtorg Stockholm – The Stockholm Model reduces unemployment among young people”. Further information on the FILUR project can also be found in the e-reader of the WILCO project "Social Innovations for Social Cohesion".

Further innovative examples from Stockholm, Berlin and Vienna were presented at our Social Innovation Conference on 10 June 2014.

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